Thursday, October 29, 2009

Will.I.Am. & Aoki... guys, for real?!

Is it just me? Or did Will.I.Am pick THE ABSOLUTE LAMEST fucking name ever for his aoki side project?


What the fuck man, your a respected figure in the music industry. (not so much after this but whatever man, money is money, i feel ya.) and you picked the name, Zuper Blaqh. Furreal bro? FOR REAL? Whatever, fuck you Its a shame since the single wasnt bad at all. EXCEPT FOR THE VIDEO. The video fucking sucks too. Only because i dont like staring at Steve Aoki. I don't even like looking at him. Asians always look like theyre up to something. You know its true.

Heres the video

And here;s a video of Steve Aoki all shady backstage while Congrorock was spinnin. (you can see him throughout the video to the left of the stage, and perfectly at 3:35)looking all shady and whatnot.

Alright so back to Willy, Here's a picture of Will.I.Am.... oh my bad i mean ZUPER BLAQH spinnin a show. Believe it or not, that's him. The man with the trash bag around his face is Will.I.Am.

The single came out with a couple remixes by the likes of Gigi Barocco and Herve.I like both waaaaaaaaay better than i like the original. Herve's is a dubsteppyer remix, and Gigis is a driving electo banger. And here you go.

I'm In The House - Steve Aoki ft. Zuper Blahq (Gigi Barocco Remix) (HIGHLY RECCOMEND)

I'm In The House - Steve Aoki ft. Zuper Blahq (Hervé's Burning Down Your House Remix)

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