Monday, October 26, 2009


It feels like ages since iv posted anything. Been having too much fun i guess. Heres a preview to a bigger mix im doing, whipped it up so you could get the feel of it and is available for download.

Heavy Heavy Heavy mix preview by The DragHit

LOTSA LOTSA new tracks for the season, and im super hyped on tracks that are set to come out by next year. Heres a track that came out earlier this week, A-traks "Heads Will Roll" remix. Im sure youv heard it on hype machine by now, as it was number 1 by the day after it hit the blogosphere.

It sounds like producers are headed towards a new disco sound right now, (Fake Blood with his "I think i like it" banger and the whole Ducksauce thing with A-trak and Armand) and this track is full of 80's disco/pop synth. Pretty good........... For and indie song.

Click the link for the download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (A-trak's club edit)

Heres a video of a Costume Party i went to a couple nights ago. And some other randon shit from my blackberry. Just for shits.

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