Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why Im Going To Elements

Sup fools. So there's a party going on this month in LA on the 18th, and I'm sure you all know about it already. Its called Elements and its being put on by Motive events. at the Hudson and Gotham (suprise suprise :\ ) Regardless, I think this party is gonna be poppin. Why you ask? BECAUSE OF MUTHA FUKIN NADASTROM, WOLFGANG GARTNER AND HOT PINK DELOREAN!

Just these 3 artists at the same venue in the same night guarantee dirty basslines the whole time. Heres a vid of Nadastrom at coachella droppin a Mr. Oizo banger.

Heres the Wolf's new banger that i would kill for on vynil. If anyones got it, shoot me an email.

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