Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"YOSHIO SUNADA is a Japanese student who arrived in Los Angeles, California on October 2007 in hopes to study the English language, and experience life in America. During his studies, he found himself submerged in a new subculture & music scene he had never known to exist. He found himself following parties thrown by a Japanese-American DJ by the name of STEVE AOKI and his company, DIM MAK. Steve and several Dim Mak staff members began noticing a particular young Japanese man who would be at every event/party from LA to San Francisco. To make a long story short, Yoshio decided to look for any opportunity to be more involved, & Dim Mak took him in as an intern in June of 2008. Every one had and continues to discover a very unique personality that is combined with innocence and a good hear."

GOOD JOB YOSHIO Show- Episode 1.1 "People Poo Poo For Me" from Dim Mak on Vimeo.

HAHAH! His interview with Obama is what pushed me to post this. Big ups to the DIM MAK crew! Remember when NU DISCO got shut down? FUCK DA FIRE MARSHALLSS!!!!!!

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