Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Turbo 109 – ZZT – Vulkan Alarm

Those of us that have been watching the video below in aww should be stoked about the full 320 release of this. (and those of us that use indie bubbles
have been enjoying it for a while ;)

(Taken from Turbo direct)



ZZT is Zombie Nation and Tiga. They are not friends. This is no game. To date, they have claimed responsibility for “Lower States of Consciousness,” “The Worm,” and “ZZafrika”. Their album – PARTYS OVER EARTH – is forthcoming. You have become spoiled by your Culture of Information. This is all you get.

VULKAN ALARM! will be released September 5th on Turbo Recordings, featuring remixes by PROXY, JAN DRIVER, and PERC"

I wouldn't mind spending money to buy this one either. Direct of course.

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