Monday, August 31, 2009

CROO/ Let me introduce you to Fever Ray/ KERS

Fever Ray has been getting looked more and more these days. This girl from sweden is like..... think of santigold, comming off a xanex binge. Kinda the thing i like to listen to when im painting a picture, or shooting birds or taking a shit. Check her out! The closest your gonna get to seeing Fever Ray is October fifth at The Grand Ballroom @ Regency in San Francisco.

Then come the mother fuckers called Crookers with this new remix that should be released in October, but i have it for you now. Your welcome. Its a Fever ray remix of Seven. For me, this song doesnt work by itself, but its really fun to mix for all you other djs, here it is in high quality, full 320.

Fever Ray - Seven (crookers remix)

And I'm very interested in their new album, they've been spinning more and more dubstep in their sets and with this explosion of upbeat wobble sound, (jackbeats, ac slater, blah blah blah.) it might be pretty gnarly. Heres a download of one of their more recent sets, if you want it.

Crookers – Lowlands, Biddinghuizen Netherlands (21-08-2009)

And heres Rhianna in an Ed Banger shirt! woop woop! For those of you that dont know, Ed Banger is the record label that signs Justice, Uffie, and all that trendy shit.

(big up to Discodust and Electric Zoo for this)

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