Friday, June 26, 2009

Put a Donk on It!!!

A while back i was introduced to the music craze that's killing braincells in north Britan. Donk Music. Essentially your taking a track and adding a wikked donk on it, although their producers insist that its much much more. Here's the music video for Blackout Crew's bangin single "Put a Donk on it."

I know what your thinking, "This obviously be some sort of joke, Sam... sick and twisted joke." But that's when i introduce you to the guys at World Music Blog and their documentary on the Donk music scene.

This is an amazing documentary that takes you into the heart of the donk scene, Quality work in putting this together. Its amazing to learn about a scene so different to what were used to here. By now you've probably realized that this is serious business for some people, but your definitely not gonna see me bumping any donk music any soon. (sorry Blackout Crew)

Whatever... none of that matters because in the end its all about one thing. Hustlin! Hustlin! Hustlin!! (Sorry, I had to sneak a link to that xxxchange remix in there, oh and I hope to be putting up direct mp3 downloads in the future, just hang tight) You can buy Blackout Crews mp3s directly from itunes (in europe). So in the end, they are making money, so more power to them...

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